After Hurricane Katrina

Kiln Shed

New Skutt Kiln

Andrea Freel Christie

CERF came to my assistance after a fire destroyed my studio. Through CERF I was able to connect with friends and colleagues around the world who contributed the funds and materials I needed to get back on my feet. This outpouring of affection and regard left me with a whole new sense of community support.

Karen Karnes, potter (Vermont)

Whom CERF+ Helps

Find out how CERF+ grew out of craft shows, hear from artists CERF+ has helped through emergencies, and learn about CERF+'s commitment to emergency preparedness for artists in this video from the producers of the award winning Craft in America series. Read stories about some of the artists CERF+ has helped. »

How CERF+ Helps

CERF+ accomplishes its mission through direct financial and educational assistance to artists working in craft disciplines including emergency relief assistance, business development support, and resources and referrals on topics such as health, safety, and insurance. CERF+ develops, promotes, and maintains resources for emergency readiness and recovery that benefit all artists. CERF+ also advocates, engages in research, and backs policy that supports artists' careers. CERF+ is working with partner organizations to build a better safety net for artists across the United States More on CERF+ >>



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